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Risk Assessment Matrix

Choose from a library of risk assessment matrix formats or order your own

Risk assessment 

Assessment of risk is based on an analysis on its relative consequence (eg outcome or impact) and likelihood (eg chance of something happening).
To support the assessment of risk, Logiqc provides a risk matrix as a visual and structured way for you to set the risk level.
There are four free matrix options to choose from, however, if they don't suit your existing risk framework you can choose from additional paid options or even have your own matrix created and made available in your platform.
Paid options, whether chosen from the library or customised according to your own design, incur a once-off fee of $450.  
Note: You can set your own cell label language (eg low, medium, high etc) Learn more

Free risk matrix options

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Paid risk matrix options

Option 5 

Option 6

Option 7

Option 8

Option 9

Option 10

Option 11

Option 12

Create your own risk assessment matrix for $450

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