Latest features and updates
  1. Latest features and updates

April 2021: Bulk edit, File links....

Features and updates released to LogiqcQMS in April 2021


Major new feature: Editing multiple register items using Bulk edit 1125184221

Bulk edit allows you to select multiple register items and apply changes to all items in one single action. Imagine your organisation has recently undergone a restructure and as a result, you now need to re-assign hundreds of documents to new business areas to reflect the organisation’s new structure.

With our new Bulk edit feature, you can now select 10, 20, 50 or hundreds of documents at a time and make changes to a variety of fields in a single action.

Additionally, items such as incidents or feedback can be re-coded to correct errors that may have been made at the time of submission. Bulk edit also works on closed items, meaning that cleaning up old inaccurate coding and data is now a breeze!

Bulk edit

Cost: Included as part of all subscriptions (Only visible to selected user permission levels)

Major new feature: File links 1121720018

Cloud-based technology is now commonplace in most organisations. So, why can’t you link online content in your LogiqcQMS? Well, now you can. With much encouragement from our users, LogiqcQMS now accommodates URL’s as well as files when uploading to a register and creating new tasks.

We now support http/s (web) and Sharepoint addresses, opening up a whole host of new possibilities. For example, you can add each page of your corporate website as an item in your Document register, assign to the right staff member and hey presto – managers are getting automatic reminders to review and advise on updates needed. This feature can also allow you to use LogiqcQMS as a structured reminder system to update documents that live on your Sharepoint Intranet.

Cost: Included as part of all subscriptions (Needs to be activated by the LogiqcQMS System Administrator)