Reporting and managing incidents
  1. Incident management
  2. Reporting and managing incidents

Complete an incident task

A task from the Incident register will include instructions for you to follow provided by the person managing the issue. In the Action stage you can record the action taken and upload associated records.

Quick steps to actioning an incident task:

  1. Go to the Task management component 
  2. Follow the instructions provided
  3. Select from the Task options provided
  4. Complete the required fields 
  5. Attach relevant documentation/records 
  6. Click Submit

Incident workflow

The Stage Navigation Bar displays the stage in the workflow that the item is in. In the example below, the item is currently in the Action stage. When the Action stage has been completed, the Action stage will be ticked and a task will be sent back to the assigned manager to consider if further action is required.

Form components

Incident summary This component displays the description of the incident and the immediate action taken when the incident occurred.
Action history A chronological list of comments made at each stage of the workflow commencing with the instructions for what action is to be taken followed by the commentary on what action has been taken. 
Task management Your options for completing the action or making a progress note.
Attach records Where you can attach records relevant to the incident, such as notes from any investigation undertaken. 
System event history A chronological list maintained by the system of most entries, changes, and linkages made in the system in relation to this incident.

Incident summary

This component displays the description of the incident and the immediate action taken when the incident occurred.   

Click Assign to you to go to the Task management component. If the incident should be actioned by someone else, click Re-assign to transfer the item to another user (subject to permissions).

Action history 

This component displays instructions, actions taken, progress notes and comments made to date as the item has progressed through the workflow.

Task management

This component displays your instructions and the options you have to complete the task or make a progress note.

    Task options

    Sign off task as complete

    Choose this option if all required action has been taken.

    • Action taken - Describe what you have done to complete the instructions provided.
    • Additional comments (optional) - tick this box if you require further space to record details of the action taken.

    Make a progress note

    Choose this option to make a note about action completed and keep the task with you to return later to complete it. 

    • Progress note  - choose this option if the task is only partially completed. For instance, if the task requires a number of actions, you might make a progress note stating action taken to date, eg. 'Interviewed the client and drafted report. Scheduled interviews with the relevant staff, which will be completed by the end of week.'  
      Note: There is no limit to the number of progress notes that can be recorded. Until you select the option 'Sign off task as complete, the task will remain in the Action stage and assigned to you.

    Attach records

    This component enables you to attach records such as records verifying the action taken. For example, in relation to the task of a investigating an incident, a copy of the investigation report would be a related record. Click Attach to add records. 

    • Record name - When naming the record ensure the description is meaningful. For instance, 'Interview Notes – Client ID 3435670 – April 2022'
      Note: Access to attached records will only be attached to the Incident details form. If you have authority to view the Incident details form, you will be able to view the record.
    • File or Link - click on Choose file and navigate to the record on your computer.  If you have links enabled, toggle to change the control to add a URL to the record. The URL must be a in a web (http://) or Microsoft Sharepoint format (https://<company>

    Submit/save the form

    The green Submit button will save the form and progress the item to the next stage of the workflow unless you chose Make a progress note in which case the task will remain with you.

    Select Create a related item if you want to create a separate linked item on another register when you save the form. A link between the two items will be displayed in each item's System event history.